Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Part 1 Diagnostic Exam

  • Price: US$ 50.00
  • Publisher: KESDEE
  • Number of modules: 1
  • Length: N/A
  • Language: English
  • Subscription: 3 months

Just want to Take Practice FRM Questions?

Get ready for the FRM Level 1 exam with our diagnostic questions.  With over 1,000 practice questions in our new online FRM question database, this is a great way for you to prepare for the FRM Level 1 exam.  The questions are delivered randomly online to give you maximum exposure to all the FRM question areas.

Taking practice tests online is the best way to get ready for FRM exam day.  You'll get comfortable with the format and timing of the exam and have the confidence you need to pass on your first try. 

With this subscription, you will get:

  • Ability to take over 10 FRM exams without repeating a question
  • Timed exams (4 hours, 100 question in total) just like the actual FRM Level 1 exam
  • Diagnostic feedback on your answers
  • Ability to mark questions for review, and come back to them later
  • Online support from other FRM candidates
  • Customer support via telephone, email and chat
  • Ability to discuss subject matter with risk management professionals

This question database is included for free when you subscribe to the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification Course.